Daniel Marchant trilogy


Praised as a cross between Le Carré and Bourne, discover the Daniel Marchant spy trilogy featuring all three espionage thrillers in one collection.

‘An elegant, unstoppable front runner of a spy thriller’ – The Observer

‘The publisher’s promise “John le Carré meets Jason Bourne” and they are as good as their word’ – Mail on Sunday

‘Exactly what we need from a spy novel now’ – Lee Child

‘A Jason Bourne sweat-fest with George Smiley’s brain’ – Daily Telegraph

‘This fast and furious spy thriller…picks up more or less where Le Carre left off…’ – The Guardian

‘Fans of Spooks will feel at home in Stock’s world…..A compelling thriller’ – Sunday Times

‘A masterfully orchestrated page-turner… the sex is good, too’ – Kirkus

Dead Spy Running
Suspended MI6 agent Daniel Marchant is running the London Marathon alongside a man strapped with explosives. To keep the bomb from detonating, they must keep running. But is Daniel secretly working for the terrorists?

Marchant’s father, ex-chief of MI6, was accused by the CIA of treachery. To prove his innocence, Marchant must unearth his father’s dark past and challenge the heavy hand of America’s war on terror.

Games Traitors Play
Salim Dhar is the world’s most wanted terrorist and the only man to track him down is renegade MI6 officer, Daniel Marchant.

As Britain braces itself for a terrifying cocktail of terrorist attacks, Marchant is forced to confront dark personal truths about loyalty and love. For the only way to stop Dhar is to play the traitor’s game.

Dirty Little Secret
Salim Dhar has disappeared after an attack on a US target. The CIA believes Daniel Marchant was involved but he has a bigger secret: Dhar is working for MI6, protecting the UK from future attacks. He has also asked for something in return: Marchant must help him with a final strike against America.

Does loyalty to one’s country come above all else, whatever the price? Or are some relationships too special to ignore?