News and Reviews

News and Reviews

* May 2022: A sneak preview of the cover of the new J.S.Monroe thriller, No Place to Hide, to be published in the UK in February 2023 by Head of Zeus.

* March 2022: Cover reveal for the paperback of The Man on Hackpen Hill, to be published on 7 July 2022

* 10 September 2021: The Man On Hackpen Hill is reviewed by Geoffrey Wansell in the Daily Mail: “Impeccably researched… an unusual mystery told with exceptional skill.” Full Daily Mail review, below.

“Crop circles are not unknown in Wiltshire, where this intriguing story is set, but when a body is found at the centre of one on Hackpen Hill, DI Silas Hart is sent to investigate.

Then another body turns up in another crop circle and the plot quickly thickens as aspiring journalist Bella meets Jim, a scientist at the secretive government laboratory at nearby Porton Down.

Impeccably researched — for example in explaining the mathematical elements to crop circles — Monroe manages to make them fascinating and even exciting. Inevitably, Bella and Jim find themselves pitted against those dark forces that led to the Novichok poisonings in Salisbury in March 2018. Meanwhile, the ever-dependable DI Hart struggles to keep up with the complexities of the case, in spite of the mathematical insights offered by his fearsomely intelligent female assistant.

It all adds up to an unusual mystery told with exceptional skill.”

* 7 September 2021: Martin Chilton chooses The Man on Hackpen Hill as The Independent’sThriller of the Month’.

* 2 September 2021: The Man On Hackpen Hill is published in the UK by Head of Zeus.